Based in London and Edinburgh, ZAC and ZAC specialise in photographing interiors. Coming from a design background, cousins Ryan and Aaron decided to focus their passion for photography and design. The Scottish duo approach every project with a friendly, fun an read more

Tim Beddow

Tim is a traveller with a particular love of Africa, perhaps the legacy of having spent a year as a young man and aspiring photographer documenting desert life in the Sahara with Quentin Crewe. His images and words feature regularly in The World of Interiors and Archite read more

Simon Upton

Simon is the Archive’s true gentleman, his popularity with clients and magazines alike as much due to his understated charm and easy personality as to his undeniable talent in capturing the essence of an interior. His atmospheric work for magazines such as The World of read more

Simon Brown

Based in London, Simon Brown is an experienced interior, still life and people photographer with an international reputation. His work is both artistic and journalistic, portraying the beauty of the home in all its diversity, which he often romanticises and bathes in at read more

Sasha Gusov

Sasha Gusov was first introduced to photography at the age of 13 and moved to England from his native Russia in 1989, establishing his credentials as ‘an image-maker with something to say’ in 1993, when a self-commissioned project ‘Images of the Bolsho read more

Nicholas Ysenburg

Nick is a photographer who specialises more in reportage than interiors. Currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, Nick has been sent to some of the darkest places in Africa to bring back newsworthy stories for international publications. His images evoke the horror and the be read more

Nicolas Bruant

Nicolas is a maverick whose photographic talent ranges from portraits of the wild animals of East Africa to documenting the lifestyles of people in the public eye. His moody travel images have featured regularly in the pages of magazines such as Côté Sud, Condé Nast Tra read more

Nat Rea

Nat originally joined the Archive as Fritz von der Schulenburg’s assistant and spent seven years accompanying him on assignments that took them around the world. Nat moved to the United States in 2004 and has been quick to establish a reputation there as an interi read more

Miguel Flores Vianna

Miguel has turned to photography late in a career that has over the last 20 years put his name on the masthead of most of the top American interiors and architectural magazines. A love of travel and an eye for the unusual have already gained Miguel access as an image-ma read more

Michel Arnaud

Michel Arnaud is a US-based photographer with an international reputation for memorable interiors, portraiture and lifestyle and his images have featured regularly in the pages of Vogue, House & Garden, Architectural Digest, Harpers Bazaar and Town & Country. He read more