Interior Archive offers a growing series of image collections available for licensing. Each with a distinctive theme or subject. Many of the images are by internationally renowned interior designers and photographers.

Commercial Images

Interior Archive offer an outstanding collection of images available for commercial use including Interior and Exterior design, Botanical, and Food and Drink Image sets.

Zamani Hotel, Zanzibar. Credit: Adrian Houston/The Interior Archive
Photographer: Adrian Houston. Part of the Commercial Image Collection from Interior Archive.

Basset Images Collection

The Basset Images collection represents the work of a growing number of established European interior and lifestyle photographers.

Industrial Relocation, Milan, Basset Image Collection. Credit: Henri del Olmo/Basset-Images
Photographer: Henri del Olmo.  Part of the Basset Image Collection from Interior Archive.

Historic Houses

Interior Archive’s rare resource for research and historical reference is one of the few private archives of Historic House photography of its kind in the world.

Entrance Hall, Petworth House. Credit: Christopher Simon Sykes/The Interior Archive. Photographer: Christopher Simon Sykes.  Part of the Historic Houses Image Collection from Interior Archive.

The Niche Collection

The Niche Collection features images from country homes to ski chalets, luxurious beach-side homes to super homes on private estates.

Featured Collections: Vero Beach, Florida, The Niche Collection
Credit: William Waldron/Niche Collection
Photographer: William Waldron.  Part of the Niche PR Image Collection from Interior Archive.

Image Collections available as Prints

Beyond the licensing of our image collections, many of the specialist interior and lifestyle photographers associated with The Interior Archive have also shown an interest in exhibiting their personal work. It is also now possible to order fine art prints from the collection of images hosted on Interior Archive’s website – check out the gallery which has been created specially and which features a selection of inspirational images here.