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Registering and Logging in

To access all of the website’s different features, you have to log.

To log in you need a login name and password, which you assign yourself when you register this means filling out a brief online form that supplies us with your name, the company you work for, and your contact details. To register, click on the link on the right-hand end of the menu bar.

You don’t have to be a registered user to be able to search for images, but once you are you can also

  • use the Lightbox feature to save, organise and email the images you have found
  • download low-res images to see whether they work in a specific layout, etc.
  • get a quote for or order high-res images
  • use the Account menu to alter account details and change your password

Your Account

To use this feature you must be a registered user, and be logged in.

The Account menu

The pages on the Account menu enable you to view and update the details you supplied to us when you set up your online account via the registration process.

  • Account details – view and change the details you gave us when you registered
  • Change or Forgotten your password? – Use the password recovery tool to change your password

What are lightboxes for?

Lightboxes enable you to create and store groups of images while you are searching the website – they make it easy to build up and then refine a set of options for a particular brief or layout. Once you are happy with your image set, you can share them with another person or get a price quote by sharing the lightbox with us.

Image sets in lightboxes can be rearranged, optimised for printing out and emailed to associates.

Creating and displaying a lightbox

The simplest way to create a lightbox is to click on the +Lightbox link beneath any thumbnail image. You will find these links on all Search Results pages, Features, Collections and on all of the Preview pages that display individual images. To view a lightbox as a full page, click on Lightboxes in the top right of any page.

You can use the drop-down menus within any Lightbox to change the way your selected images are displayed.

The Lightbox page

Wherever you are on the site, you can click on Lightbox in the top right to view all your saved lightboxes in the form of a full page.

There are two tabs – lightboxes you have created and lightboxes other people have shared with you.

Ordering Images

If you wish to order a feature, locate the relevant story on the website and click on ‘Request Feature Quote’. This will automatically open your email application with a new message containing the necessary information.

If you wish to order multiple single images, the simplest way is to create a lightbox and share it with us with a message saying you wish to purchase the images. If you only require a small number of images, you can send us an email to with a list of filenames.

Downloading low-res comp images

To use this feature you must be a registered user, and be logged in.

The site allows you to download low-res watermarked image files to your desktop, so that you can see whether they work in a particular layout, etc. Click on the ‘Download comp’ link on any Preview page (the pages that display an individual image).

Note. All our images are copyright protected – you may use only low-res images for layout purposes. Please do not download and save any images from this website if you do not agree to these terms. For more information, please read our full Terms & Conditions.

Prices and payment


All of our images are Rights Managed, which means they are individually priced according to the specific context in which they will be used. So, we supply bespoke quotes for each request we receive, using information you supply to us about required rights and print run, size of reproduction, duration of use, etc.

Before we can supply you with high res files, we will need to agree a price. To request a quote, simply follow the instructions on Ordering Images.


After we agree a price with you and you have downloaded your choice of images, we will send you an invoice. We then expect payment by cheque or bank transfer within 30 days.

We reserve the right in certain cases to request an immediate bank transfer or credit-card payment before we can allow a client to download images.

High-res images and file sizes

How to download high-res images

Once we have agreed a price, we will send you a link, which will allow you to download the high res. These links are one time use so if you are downloading multiple images, please be patient, it can take a long time depending on your internet speed, don’t stop it mid-download as it won’t work again.

File quality and file sizes

We have adhered to the highest standards in the production of digital files for this website. All of the images in the Interior Archive’s online collection – most of which were originally shot on 6×6 or 6×7 transparency – have been scanned and retouched by hand. Our digital files were previously all created as a minimum of 50MB 8-bit RGB colour TIFF files. Now, we scan to over 100MB TIFFs.

All images for download/email delivery are supplied as compressed (JPEG) files. The JPEGs are 300dpi Level 12 files in 8-bit RGB colour.

When a client wants to use images for posters, billboards or large displays, we are able to provide larger files on request. However, please note that images taken using a 35mm film camera may not reproduce well at a size above A2.