Luke White

Paris Mission 2016 photograph by Luke White, from Interior ArchiveRosanna Orlandi by Luke white, part of Interior ArchiveHyde Park Gardens interior photograph by Luke White, part of Interior ArchiveBerlin Mission, photograph by Luke White, from Interior ArchiveCarolyn Quartermaine photo by Luke White, on Interior Archive

Luke has a deserved reputation as the consummate lighting technician, an accolade that often lands him the most difficult commissions, sometimes in almost impossible lighting conditions – despite (or maybe because of) this, he always brings a refreshing enthusiasm to his shoots. Though a perfectionist in every detail Luke’ states his goal like this: “I like to work quickly and with great energy. What is important for me is to convey the feeling of actually being in the locations I photograph”. His latest book British Embassies with ex Sotheby’s director James Stourton was published in October 2017 by Frances Lincoln.

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